CoolSculpting®: Start Treatment Now And Be Swimsuit Ready for Summer

Jennifer Armstrong, MD, CoolSculpting, Swimsuit Ready for Summer

You want to feel cool for the hot season, filled with barbecues and sunsets on our Southern California beaches — which leads to the inevitable trying on of swimsuits. The process feels less than empowering when your love handles have their own destination ideas.

All shapes are beautiful, but everyone has a few problem areas that stick around regardless of the hard work you put into diet and exercise. Jennifer Armstrong, MD, offers treatments for stubborn fat through CoolSculpting®, freezing fat in its tracks non-invasively so you can enjoy the hot season with little invasion of your time and confidence.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting uses a process called cryolipolysis, which targets fat cells with cold to freeze fat away. The cooling is controlled, so the procedure is not invasive and does not harm your skin.

Treated fat cells freeze and die off, triggering your body to naturally break down and eradicate dead fat cells in the following weeks. In the end, you’re left with a more sculpted form. And all this is possible with treatment sessions that last about 35-60 minutes each.

Areas of the body that CoolSculpting treats

Where do your problem areas lie? Is it a midsection bulge or a little extra flab around the thighs?

What areas of the body does CoolSculpting treat? The FDA-cleared procedure targets the abdomen, back, upper arms, thighs, and flanks, as well as underneath the buttocks. We can also address smaller areas, such as a double chin. CoolSculpting can target multiple areas at a time, so you can achieve your goals efficiently and safely.

No Creeping Allowed

Other treatments temporarily relieve problem areas, but CoolSculpting eradicates fat cells. Once frozen, the fat cells are processed by the body and permanently removed.

Researchers reviewed 34 scientific articles, from databases such as PubMed and MEDLINE, to analyze the safety and efficacy of cryolipolysis and found that a mean reduction of subcutaneous (fatty) tissue was 19.55% — from mean time of the procedure to the objective outcome evaluation spanned 3.83 months. The most common complication reported by less than 1% of patients was reduced sensation lasting a little over four weeks.

What does CoolSculpting feel like?

Once treatment begins, you feel a cooling sensation that fades as the area numbs within five to 10 minutes. Dr. Armstrong makes sure you feel comfortable during treatment.

Wonder how many treatment cycles you need? One treatment typically resolves problem areas around the flanks, but the inner and outer thighs and back commonly need more than two treatments. Treatments that repeat are spaced out to let the inflammatory process resolve, which is a natural aspect of the treatment.

Afterward, you may feel a tingling sensation as well as mild redness and sometimes swelling. The side effects commonly fade within a few days.

CoolSculpting treatment benefits

CoolSculpting allows you to resolve stubborn problem areas with one to a few treatments, returning you to your regular routines typically as soon as you walk out of the office.

Results after CoolSculpting treatment

It takes a few weeks for your body to reveal the changes. Expect to witness the most dramatic results after about eight weeks, as fat volume depletes noticeably within two to three months. Your body continues to eradicate fat cells for up to six months after treatment.

Who is CoolSculpting right for?

CoolSculpting is right for otherwise healthy adults who are near or at a healthy body weight but have stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond to exercise and diet. Don’t think of CoolSculpting as a weight-loss procedure to replace exercise and diet but as a body sculpting technique.


Within an hour, start saying goodbye to that stubborn fat around your flanks or other problem areas with CoolSculpting. Banish fat at the cellular level. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Armstrong to learn more about CoolSculpting, to design a treatment plan that’s right for you, and get a sculpted leg up on the swimsuit season.

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