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The major advances in medical technology make it easier for men and women to get a younger, fresher look. Jennifer Armstrong, MD, with offices in Newport Beach, Brentwood, and Fullerton, California, is equipped with some of the latest in laser technology to help improve the look and feel of your skin, including an intense pulsed light (IPL) laser and radiofrequency. Call today or schedule an appointment using the online booking button to learn more about these aesthetic tools.

Lasers Q & A

What is IPL?

IPL is a special laser tool that uses a varied light frequency, giving it the ability to target different pigments in your skin to improve both look and tone. The light energy is able to penetrate the deep layers of your skin to constrict both collagen and blood vessels and instantly reduce redness.


What is radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency is a cosmetic tool that uses electric energy instead of light to improve the look of your skin. The energy created by radiofrequency heats up the cells under your skin and stimulates the production of collagen, which is the protein that gives your skin its strength and elasticity. The boost in collagen helps tighten and firm up your skin to give you a fresh, revitalized look.




How do IPL and radiofrequency improve my look?

In aesthetic medicine, the IPL laser and radiofrequency can be used separately or combined to create a younger, rejuvenated look.

The IPL laser can fix blotchy, sun damaged, and discolored skin. It may also help reduce the appearance of dark acne scars by lightening the skin. Dr. Armstrong also uses the targeted laser for skin resurfacing and to reduce the appearance of spider veins and other vascular cosmetic concerns.

Radiofrequency tightens your skin and may help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. For acne scars, this aesthetic technique may help stimulate the production of collagen under the scar to replace it with new, younger, healthier skin.

The heating capacity of the radiofrequency also makes it a useful tool for skin resurfacing because the effects of collagen stimulation rejuvenate your skin from the inside out.


What can I expect during treatment?

Both IPL and radiofrequency are noninvasive procedures that cause very little discomfort. During IPL treatment, you may feel a sensation that has been compared to the snapping of a rubber band against your skin each time the laser light zaps a treatment area.

Treatment time varies depending on what you’re having done, but it usually requires no downtime and minimal recovery.

During radiofrequency treatment, you may feel a comfortable, warm sensation as the energy targets the cells under your skin. Like IPL, there’s no downtime after radiofrequency, and minimal time is needed for recovery.

For IPL and radiofrequency resurfacing, call Dr. Armstrong’s office or book an appointment using the online booking button.